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29 Dec 2019

Residential investment plots in around Hyderabad – ORR ring road low price

Residential investment plots in around Hyderabad – ORR ring road low price
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Residential plots HMDA DTCP available in & around Hyderabad, Telangana, India.
YDTA approved plots
Srisailam high way, Tukkuguda, SHankarpally,Shadnagar.Hyderabad.
Near Yadagiri gutta warangal high way at wangapalli

Even we have in vishakapatnam also. please let me know if you are looking best low price plots
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22 Oct 2019

What is the difference between DTCP and HMDA?

1. HMDA Stands for Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority.
2. DTCP Stands for Directorate of Town and Country Planning.
3. HMDA have certain rules to ensure and enhance the customer confidence.
4. Now DTCP layout also certain rules very similar to HMDA.
5. In HMDA we have to show the 50% of the plotted area, 20% Road area and 30% Amenities and Park Area,1 where as DTCP also follows same as HMDA but with little percentage difference
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20 Oct 2019

Veligonda Project Details




Poola Subbaiah Veligonda Project comprises of Nallamala Sagar Reservoir which is being formed by constructing CC NOF Dams across the three gaps namely Sunkesula, Gottipadia and Kakarla. It envisages to draw 43.50 TMC flood water of Krishna River from the foreshore of Srisailam Project Reservoir through Kollam Vagu (Upstream of Srisailam Reservoir) by twin Tunnels by gravity and thereafter, to impound in Nallamala Sagar Reservoir through a Feeder Canal.

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